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1. Are Microlife infrared thermometers as accurate as hospital devices?

The accuracy of Microlife infrared thermometer has been proven in clinical settings for example hospitals.  Microlife manufactures their infrared thermometers to meet the same international standards as hospital devices.

2. Is a Microlife infrared thermometer waterproof?

No, never immerse the thermometer into water or other liquids.

3. Can I measure the temperature of baby milk or baby’s bath water with a Microlife thermometer?

Yes, Microlife infrared thermometers offer a wide range of measurement from 0 - 100.0 °C.  You can use the thermometer to measure milk surface temperature in a baby's bottle, surface temperature of a baby’s bath or ambient temperature.

4. Does room temperature affect readings?

No, as long as the thermometer operating temperature is between 10°C and 40°.  If the thermometer itself is outside this range no measurements can be performed.  The display will show «L» or «H».

5. Is the Microlife infrared thermometer suitable for animals?

Microlife develops and designs their thermometers for humans and therefore cannot take any responsibility for data obtained for animals.

6. Can a woman use a Microlife infrared thermometer to measure basal body temperature to determine ovulation?

It is currently not recommended, as clinical studies have not been completed to ensure proper monitoring of basal body temperature by ear or forehead measurements.

7. What is the lifetime of the Microlife infrared thermometer?

Microlife designs their products for a long product life.  Components used are of high quality and carefully protected.  In spite of careful design and construction, abuse of the Microlife thermometer can result in product failure.  When designing a new product, Microlife performs stress tests of key components to ensure a product long-life.  Products are designed to last at least for 5 to 10 years under estimated 'normal' home use conditions.